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Many managers and leaders love to talk about creating a culture of quality, but what does that actually mean? And why does it seem so elusive? Listen to Mark and Steve as they take a fresh look at quality leadership and show how to create an organization where quality is truly engrained.

Join QRx Partner Steve Gompertz during this webinar hosted by Intellect. He speaks about "Guerilla Tactics for Quality Leaders."

He talks about why you don't need to wait for permission to improve quality in your organization. You can create change by simplifying documentation, creating non-intimidating quality metrics, and making change stick, among other things. 

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QRx Partner Steve Gompertz and Steve Fodem from Boston Scientific co-present at the 2024 SCOPE Summit.

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​​Watch QRx Partner Steve Gompertz as he presents his "Risk Based Approach vs. Risk Management" program at a Medical Device Risk Management Conference.

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